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In April 2012, Bread Farms was formed by an elite group of Southern California cannabis connoisseurs, cultivators and genetics experts that came together to use their years of experience to find and create the highest quality cannabis in the world. 

With the end of Marijuana Prohibition in California, Bread Farms arrives to the legal cannabis market as one of the most highly anticipated cannabis brands in the world. We are working with a diverse community of cultivators, enthusiasts, artists and photographers to share our unique vibe and identity in this constantly expanding market.


Musicians, skaters, artists and true cannabis enthusiasts have all been attracted to Bread Farms. Focused on quality, flavor, and authenticity, Bread Farms has grown to embody California cannabis culture and contribute to its constant evolution. 

From its birth, Bread Farms has been a designer brand created for cannabis connoisseurs by cannabis connoisseurs.


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